What's new October 2015.

Moving day did mean the end of the Barre Branch! We've settled in Southern California, and our house isn't big enough. I've started to tear it apart, to reuse the module bases.

What's next? Live Steam! 

Older News

Moving day means the end of the Barre Branch! Or does it?.

Moving to On30! The layout has to come down due to a physical move, and so it seemed like a good time to change scales. So far, I've added an outside frame 4-4-0 and a two truck Shay to the new roster.

JMRI Profiles! Born a bit out of my own frustration, I've posted up some of my own JMRI decoder profiles that others may find useful. If this proves useful for folks, and others would like to participate, I'll look to improve the process.

I was fortunate to have another small article published - SuperSize your trees - realistic foreground trees - in the August 2013 edition of Model Railroad Hobbyist.

Up and running! CV 3901, an Atlas RS3, is now operational after the completion of the Titan decoder installation.

And a better video of it in action.

New Decoders! The QSI Titans finally arrived (its a long story), and the first is installed in this Atlas RS3.

Check below for a first impressions video.

March 2013. Video time! A newer video while testing out a new camera.

Not overly exciting, but you have to start somewhere!

Nov 2012. Modules 6 & 7 are now permanently joined to the rest of the layout!

Oct 2012. Scenery work progresses on the fourth module, complete with two building kits

Module 4 Under Construction

The Barre Sections are up and running to the point where I can actually operate on the layout! Check out the latest video on You Tube.

Older Stuff

A third installment of the 22 Stories up article series is now published in the February 2012 Issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist. This article covers working with photo backdrop.

Progress goes forward on as the layout expands around the bend - almost to Barre!

A recent OPS session provided track approval, enough to continue the layout build. Here a out-of-era Dash-9 works through the yard (Feb 2012.

The Freight House is almost complete, and ready to serve customers.

A few new passenger cars have been added as well, the Rapido fleet is growing steadily.