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Building Construction (kit)

Campbell Northern Water Tower

This is the first of the Campbell craftsman kits that I've attempted; not only do I need water tower on my test layout, but it may migrate to the final one as well if I'm pleased wit the outcome.

I sat and read through the instructions for the kit, and have decided to deviate from those in a few places as we progress.

Assemle the tank core

Assemble the tank wrappper (panels glued together along the long axis, butt joint).

Assemble the base siding (panels glued together along the short axis, butt joint)

Deviation: Assemble the base core around the spacers

The interior sub sctuctures of the tank (assembeled). The one on the left is for the base, the right the tank. In the background you can see the siding and tank wrapper drying.

Deviation: Made sure windows and doors fit, but did not install. Will do so after painting tower.

Attach the base siding to the core posts.

Deviation : Did not cut grooves in the tank wrapper for the bands to fit in. I want them on top of the tank wood, and will glue instead.

Attach the tank wrapper to the core (problem - the tank wrapper was too long, I will have to cut it to fit)


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