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With the main building assembled (just resting on the resin base). It is much easier to paint these as you go instead of when it's complete. 9 July 2008

And with the first pieces of trim in place. Note that the colors used are Citadel Codex Gray for the main building (with a Citadel Fortress Gray drybrush), and Grimy Black on the trim Pieces. The instructions noted that despite the building being currently red, old photo's show it in a lighter color. I chose Gray instead of Red as there is a Barn on this end of the table, and the engine house will aslo be Red.

9 July 2008

The rest of the trim in place, I began working on the roof. Note that I painted the edges of underlayment black just incase the shingles didn't cover everything perfectly.

The shingles are not quite individually applied, they come in long strips that are. you can see a couple of left over pieces in in the bottom of the picture

10 July 2008

Here's an end shot of hte completed lower roof. For scheduling purposes, you're looking at about an hour and a half to get this part finished. You can see on the uper roof my method, which is to hang the shingles out ver the edge, and than cut it flush with a sharp blade. The shingles were supposed to be, according to the instructions, self sticking, but mine were not. Just as well, as I simply brushed on white glue (full strength) and laid down the shingle strip. The glue gives you some play to straighten the strips that the self adhesive will not.

I think it's a great looking roof.

10 July 2008

The roof, paint, and decals are finished. Now it just needs to be based, and weathered.

15 July 2008

I had some issues with the decals; I'm not unhappy with the results even if they could be a bit more centered. Word of advice to anyone making this model, cut out the center words individually to reduce the decal film area.

I realized after I built the kit there is no "office", this is just the bulk material storage building. I've ordered a small office structure to go with it, I'll scenic the area once I have that foot print on hand.

15 July 2008

The back side

15 July 2008

I added BTS's Yard Office to the set as I felt the main building was lacking something (like an office).

21 July 2008



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