Storage Tanks

Some quick storage tanks for the 40k world..

UPDATED 3/16/05

This small piece of storage tank terrain is for 40k, and is based on used pill bottles. The trick is making them not look like pill bottles; to do this, I started a walkway on top, and added a containment rim down below.
I intend on filling the containment rim with sawdust and gluing it down thick enough to cover the bottle tops.
Sawdust and junk filling (pre glue)

And after a coat of glue. The small fence section was added as it's just been lying around...

I ripped off the partial fence, as it just looked tacked on. I did add screen mesh to the top, and a "fill/bleed" control.
Here is a close up of the "fill/bleed" control. Brass tubing, and a bit off of a tau gun.
Gooba inspects the finished model.
I thought the posters were a nice touch.

Fill 'er up!


Don't be spillin' any now

I started a larger set of tanks as well....

The basics - six six inch tubes, with a foam core top.
Feed pipes (straw), a foamcore outbuilding, and the beginning of a platform were added.
I had to add the texture to the building at this stage as the top will soon be covered with other materials. You can also see how I covered the poor joines between the pipes, exhaust pipes from a monster trukk kit, and the building with plasticard and I-beam.
The straws are very fragile and break of easily (and repeatedly) due to that, I'm going to need to protect them with something along the top edges.
The base to the lower platform and ladders are now installed. I also put the first coat of sawdust on the base of the model.
Primer coat.
After getting the concrete and baseing done, I started on the tanks. The first coat of paint to go down was space wolf gray.
Than a coat of bleached bone.
I tried a new techinque, where my dirt wash was brushed on, than the excess wiped off with a paper towel. While I like the overall look, there are a few splotches that arn't as good as they could be.
The warning signs were printed from the computer and simply glued on.
The overall effect is pretty good though.



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